Simvastatin in the prevention of recurrent pancreatitis, a triple-blind randomized controlled trial (SIMBA trial)


Multicenter, randomized, triple-blind (simvastatin vs. placebo), parallel-group, controlled, superiority clinical trial.


Spain and 1 center in India.


Active, recruiting patients. New centers are welcome.


Recurrent acute pancreatitis and acute-on-chronic pancreatitis flares are major problems, as they are associated with a large deterioration in patients’ quality of life. Observational studies suggest that statins decrease the incidence of pancreatitis. SIMBA is a clinical trial comparing simvastatin versus placebo in the prevention of recurrent acute pancreatitis and exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis. It is a Spanish multicenter study in which the SIDS Hospital in Surat (India) is also participating.

Ongoing studies